Sanarara R Translation Update


wow, the last post was made exactly two years ago, lol.

Anyway, Wide Faces: The Translation is coming back thanks to the return of Messer the Messiah. There are working tools now and cowteats will resume translating the game soon. I guess translation updates will be posted on GaoGao’s site.


Clover Day’s translation announcement and general updates

Hi, Cafe here. I’m not working on this but I wanted to make a post about it. Sheckel and xAstarotte (aka Astro) are working on a translation project for Alcot’s recently released game, Clover Day’s. You can find more information on their site (, and the translated OP is above.


Cowteats is still toiling away at Air, DFG has made good progress hacking Aoiro Rinne (see:, and I’m still working on translating it while going over old scripts that might be used in a potential partial patch.

That’s about it for us.