Air Beta Patch 1.0 Released!


Here we are 8 months after I took up this project and it’s finally time for our initial release. Keep in mind people that this is a BETA PATCH. We are still working on rewriting/editing the old scripts. So any complaints you have about the old scripts just keep to yourself…We don’t care. We will get to it in time. This is to finally, once and for all, break the damn curse that’s been on this project for the last 13 years.

Notes of Concern for this Patch:
-As far as we know the patch will only work for the Unofficial Full Voiced 18+Standard Edition. We have not tested it with the other versions but we will work on getting that taken care of in the future.

-Again, this is a beta patch which contains about 60% of our work and 40% of an older teams work. While the old script are pretty decent we would like to advise people to wait on a complete full patch from either us or Sheeta at Winter Confetti.

Installation Instructions:

-Its pretty easy. As with most Key VNs just extract the Beta Patch .zip file and copy/pasta the files into the Air_SE folder. Start your game up and your good to go.

-Our patch only works for the Unofficial Full Voiced 18+ Standard Edition as of this moment so you will need to get a copy of that somehow.

Links to the patch can be found here:

Note: Be sure to check the AIR_BETA1_progress_sheet.png file to view our actual progress contained in this patch along with the ReadMe.txt file.

Note 2: We are currently looking for a good photoshooper to help handle the rest of the image editing which mostly entails some buttons and title menu stuff.


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