11Eyes project Status

We had a meeting today with the main staff of the 11eyes project in regards to the status of it.

There have been two translators working on the project, Sabino who has been on it since the beginning and Zky (myself) who came at a later date to support it.
To make a long story short, Sabino is still intent on working on 11eyes to the bitter end, but has difficulties stabilizing his life. His GPA has taken a big hit he says. With this said the main translator wants to continue 11eyes, but it is just a matter of him sorting out his life.

[14:43] <@sabino> but there’ll be no change in my part of the promise.
[14:44] <@Zky> so you are planning on continuing 11eyes?
[14:44] <@d_fallen_god> Good, so I wonder what will be our options on this one?
[14:44] <@sabino> I’ll be willing to do it during my open time till the bitter end, as long as fallen’s up for it.
[14:45] <@d_fallen_god> I’m still up no need to worry about it
[14:45] <@Zky> but how much time can you open up though?
[14:45] <@sabino> That’s the thing
[14:45] <@sabino> Before I put in lots of time and effort to translations and payed the price with my GPA
[14:46] <@sabino> I’ll be willing to volunteer, but I don’t want to be putting my future on the line.
[14:51] <@Zky> if i can see 11eyes possibly finishing, i’ll help the project
[14:57] <@sabino> Guys, I can’t tell you how much I love VNs
[14:57] <@sabino> But life’s gotta come first

As for me (Zky), I honestly don’t have the will to make a commitment to the 11eyes project as my own. I will continue to watch over the 11eyes project but until Sabino is able to make a recovery or manage to translate most of the game before he goes back to being busy with life, I will pretty much stay on standby.  I have reasons why I don’t wish to take up 11eyes personally; making a personal commitment to translating a visual novel is a 250-500 hour commitment, not to be taken lightly.
Again, we are looking for translators willing to pick up the slack, because Sabino is busy and I am not willing to treat this project personal and work on it mostly myself.

The recent patch is pretty Fugly with broken triggers, off-track voices, and typos everywhere (blame a certain someone for releasing it on Christmas when he shouldn’t have) and will of course have to get fixed.  That can be done by other people other than the translators, which we should at least be able to sort out easily with the help of the editors.

We apologize to those looking forward to the project, but the main translator is still very much intent on not giving up.  For now though, consider the 11eyes project asleep until the main translator wakes up or it receives support from other translators.  Progress is being made… just it is too minimal to consider lively at this time.


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