Aoiro Rinne status update 2

Hi again. Cafe here. No real progress in months, huh? Some of you might already know, but I am working with MangaGamer on a nukige that’s nearly finished, but I’m likely going to continue working with them on more titles, and that is where I need to focus my time translating.

So, what’s going on with Aoiro Rinne? Well, to start things off, it’s at around 52%. I really didn’t do much work since the last time I posted an update, but the stats were off a bit, seemingly, and I didn’t notice that until just a few moments ago. So, yay, 5% jump in completion.

I’m going to try and do at least 1% a week from now on just so that there’s some progress weekly or bi-weekly.

On another note, I am trying to, and have talked with MangaGamer about potentially releasing Aoiro Rinne officially. Nothing is set in stone as of yet, and I haven’t heard much back from MG, so if JAST or someone else out there wants to get in contact with me about an official release (note: I will work for free if applicable), please message me on Twitter (@CafeDX) or via IRC (#vnsociety on Rizon).

Anyway, we’ll see what happens.


Thank you and sorry…

Hello everyone, this is D_fallen_god.
I’m sorry to inform you guys that Zky has retired from translating Hatsuyuki Sakura.

He uploaded his last message in Assembla today.


This is Zky, the first translator on the Hatsuyuki project.
I will be retiring from this project.
I am sorry for those who continued work in my absence to have this announcement all of the sudden, I didn’t want to disappoint by throwing the towel in,

but I have to, otherwise it will just hurt more later.
It’s kind of a mess to put it in sentences, so I’ll just list my reasons.
The following are my main reasons for retiring:
1. Life-
I am extremely busy with life, not just at work but even during my free time. I have made many friends and spend a lot of my time text messaging… simply put some would say I got a life.
2. Loss of passion for visual novels-
I have lost passion for visual novels, anime, everything subculture as I am starting to come to terms with my adulthood, which holds little interest in subculture.
As I am typing this I have not finished reading a single visual novel in the past 3 months. The only anime I watch right now is Kimi no iru machi. I think this pretty much says it.
I haven’t logged onto the IRC and have not been keeping in touch with the community at all.
3. Quality of Translation-
One thing that I seriously regret is not taking my time with the translation. It is not acceptable quality. If I took the time with it I could’ve made it better.
This was the very first reason I took a break from TLing, which would prove fatal to the health of the project. Getting a life was the nail in the coffin.
The translation was done while I was working a stressful full time job getting back late at night at 11 PM. I felt pressured to get the project done in reasonable time, resulting in speedy TLs, too speedy for an amateur like me. I’m not a professional, I wish I was for the community’s sake, but I’m not dedicated enough.

The main thing I learned from this project is that being fluent in two languages does not qualify you to be a good translator. This is an experience that will impact my future plans.

To the next translator should there ever be one:
I recommend starting from scratch, if you won’t start from scratch, take the first 9 scripts, trash them and do those from scratch. Those are the worst.
The translation should be done from scratch even if they were acceptable if your goal is to have a great quality product. Don’t make the same mistake as me, take your time and don’t feel pressed.
The script exctraction was done by Nagato.
Reinsertion was being handled by d_fallen_god and Messer.

Good Luck. I hope this project finishes.


Well, Zky was busy in the past weeks and he wasn’t online in IRC for a long time.
Only one time that we are entertaining for the Editors for hatsuyuki sakura

He told us he had a hard time with his schedule and work such that he had no time for his translation or even his hobbies.
That’s the hard part of being a translator – you can’t expect what’s going to happen in real life.

For now this project is officially STALLED due to no translator.

We already had plans for releasing the patch before the end of 2013 but because of  zky’s retirement,  expect the release of the incomplete patch this year.There are still bugs on the insert process so until that is fix we will send out the trial version of hatsusaku

If you’re interested in translating this game, we can provide assistance with regard to this game.

Just contact or